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Madonna Gothic Wavy Hairstyle

Madonna Gothic Wavy HairstyleMadonna is typically on-trend with these goth-inspired crimped waves.


The crinkled curls take their inspiration from the 80s, but what makes them so current is the centre parting and the almost Z - shaped waves.


It's fashion-led, so only works if you're carrying on the theme with make-up and clothes.

Heavy black fabrics and smoky eyes with nude lips are perfect. This look works best with heart-shaped or triangular faces, and hair that's all one colour so the waves stay defined.


To get the look, apply holding product to tame frizz and keep crinkles defined while protecting from heat.


Then tong by using the reverse action - so hair doesn't go smoothly curled but crinkles round the edge of the tong - or plait hair widely and flat iron it with the styling iron along the whole length, leaving to cool slightly before unplaiting.


Don't rake through with your fingers so you get a flat, perfect crinkly wave.


Finish with serum to define waves and minimise any frizz.

Sarah Harding Sexy Short Bob

Sarah Harding Sexy Short BobThis "pixie" cut is not for the faint-hearted so whoever wears it needs plenty of confidence and pizzazz, just like Sarah!


It can be terribly sexy and tends to suit someone with a square or heart face shape, as it accentuates the cheekbones. This style works best on hair that has some natural wave or kink, which adds some body.


To create the look, wash with a smoothing shampoo and conditioning duo, towel dry and then work a volumising product - such as Volume Boost Styling Foam - through from root to tip to pump up hair with long-lasting volume.


Blowdry using a nozzle attachment, smoothing hair up and out in sections as you go with a large paddle brush. Part hair to the side and run straighteners through the front section.


Finish by working a texturising product through the back of the hair to add body and attitude.


Tuck one side behind the ear and gently tease the front section with a lightweight shine-enhancing cream to create separation and stacks of reflection.

Eva Mendes Glam Up-Do

Eva Mendes Glam Up-DoHow to get Eva Mendes up-do.


STEP 1: Use rescue repair treatment on clean hair to make it fuller and more manageable.


Wash out, towel dry, then apply an expanding mousse to create body and bounce.


STEP 2: Comb and centrepart with a professional comb. Divide hair into sections, place in large velcro rollers and set under a hairdryer.


STEP 3: Take out the rollers, then twist the hair up to the point of where you want it to sit and secure with hairgrips.


Finally, apply sheer hold hairspray to hold the style and give resistance to humidity.

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